HIIT workout

The Battlefield: HITT Workout Meets Military Obstacle Course

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Walk into most gyms and you’ll see rows of treadmills, steppers, and ellipticals occupied by people who are moving at low intensity and with little enthusiasm. Six months later you’ll see those same people with the same bodies, working out at the same intensity. They haven’t changed!

Why not? Because low intensity, steady-state cardio doesn’t work. In fact, it sucks!

If you’re going to take time out of your day to exercise, you deserve to be given access to the most effective, most time-efficient, and most kick-ass training regimen that exists. What’s more, you deserve it to be fun, stimulating, and community grounded. It’s time to take your workout to the next level.

Welcome to The Battlefield! 

What is The Battlefield?

Fort Fitness has created an immersive HITT workout experience like nothing you’ve ever seen.

30-50 brave trainees will leave their usual routine behind as they cross the massive threshold and step into combat on the Battlefield. This hardened site training room is loaded with army-style obstacles to challenge your mind and body. Throw in high energy, take no prisoners instructor, immersive smart lighting, and a touch of a Las Vegas party and you’ve got the most effective, energetic, and downright bad-ass training experience you will ever experience!

HITT workout

What is HITT?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) is a popular method that is meant to give a full-body workout to build muscle and yield maximum results in a short amount of time. HITT Training involves performing fast, intense bouts of exercise followed by short rest periods, repeated for several rounds. People are typically more willing and able to push themselves to new peaks if it’s just for short periods of time.

HITT exercises actually trick your muscles from ever getting used to the strain they are being put under, which is an effective way to prevent you from hitting a plateau of results.

Benefits of HITT Training


Fitness experts found that the HITT workout was extremely effective when it comes to burning a lot of calories in very little time (even just 5-10 minutes per day). It is, therefore, a very time-efficient method of fat-burning and more effective for fat loss in time taken than steady-state cardio. If you value your time and don’t have much to spare for training then HITT can be very handy.

The Afterburn Effect:

When Tabata did his experiments he found that subjects worked close to what is called VO2 max or the maximum oxygen the body uses in exercise. The more your muscles have to work the more the body uses. High-intensity work like this means that the body has what is called an afterburn where metabolism increases. This means that your body not only burns a lot of fat during exercise but also you will burn more calories for at least 24 hours after the workout!

Retain Muscle Tissue:

One problem encountered by folks doing cardio is that with a long time spent doing steady state cardio they may lose weight but they may lose significant muscle mass in the process. Just take a look at the difference between sprinters and long-distance runners. Sprinters look muscular and sinewy.

Long-distance runners have lost a lot more muscle. So if you want to really change your shape and not just become smaller and yet keep your belly fat then HITT is the way to do it right. In addition, high-intensity cardio in the form of sprint work can actually add mass to the quadriceps.

Your Health:

HITT training brings benefits in the areas of blood pressure, sensitivity to insulin, the cardiovascular system, and aerobic and anaerobic systems. Tabata’s results showed an increase in anaerobic fitness by up to 28%. His subjects had stronger hearts and could perform faster and for longer after training. If you want to not only look strong and healthy but BE strong and healthy, you have simply got to HITT it.


The principles of HITT can be applied without any equipment and therefore can be done anywhere, including outside in the fresh air down at the local park. Keeping your knees high or performing burpees, jumping jacks, pushups, or jumping lunges at high intensity can all get your heart rate up high. And weight training exercises can be given the HITT treatment by making adjustments to the rep and rest schemes.

Getting the Most From HITT

HITT workout plans are hard and intense. To get the most from them you need to be totally committed to the challenge. There will be times, perhaps frequently, when you feel like giving up. When this happens, you simply need to grit your teeth, refocus on your goals, and power on through.

You also need to know how to push yourself during the high-intensity portions of the workout. Studies have shown that just seven minutes of HITT can create changes in your muscles at a molecular level that are comparable to what you might get from an hour or more of jogging. But that will only be the case if you are exerting maximal output.

Most people don’t know what all out cardiovascular effort looks like. It’s not something we normally do. What I mean by “all-out effort” is if I prescribe 30 seconds work intervals, I expect that if you try to do 31 seconds, you’ll fall on your face if you are sprinting, or fall off the bicycle if that’s what you are using for your HITT session.

It is also important that you stick strictly to your rest or recovery periods between bouts of intensity. 30 seconds means exactly 30 seconds, so you need to start psyching for activity at 20 seconds and be prepared to ‘go’ the instant your timer flicks from ‘29’ to ‘30’.

HITT Training Reimagined by Fort Fitness

While these classes are difficult they are meant for people at any stage of their fitness journey, your brothers and sisters in arms will bring you to new levels of motivation and performance as nobody gets left behind in our community. See a transformation of your whole character as you learn to face adversity with confidence.

HITT workout

HITT training is a lot more motivating, exciting, and downright awesome when you become part of a HITT community of people who are laser-focused on making their lives better through conquering their physical selves, like you!

Fort Fitness invites you to step into The Battlefield and challenge yourself to transform into the best version of yourself. Sign up today and let the results speak for themselves.

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