12 Week Fitness Challenge

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12 week Fitness Challenge to transform your body!

Embark on a transformative 12-week journey with Fort Fitness, where we transcend conventional fitness challenges. The Fortitude and Fitness Challenge at Fort Fitness are meticulously crafted not only to sculpt your physique but also to enhance mental resilience and foster personal growth. Discover how this holistic approach, including a certified personal trainer, can redefine your well-being.

Challenge overview

Goals: The Fortitude and Fitness Challenge at Fort Fitness aim to guide you toward physical, mental, and personal progress. Over 12 weeks, our certified personal trainers empower you to achieve fitness goals, learn about nutrition, and undergo a comprehensive personal development experience. This transformative fitness journey ensures results-driven challenges and accountability coaching.

Areas of Focus: Our challenge at Fort Fitness uniquely centers on two critical aspects: strength for physical fitness and nutrition for overall wellness. Achieve fitness goals in 12 weeks as these elements go hand in hand, providing a balanced approach to your fitness journey.

Key benefits

  1. Physical Fitness Improvements: Elevate your fitness levels through tailored workout programs.
  2. Nutrition Education: Gain valuable insights into nutrition for a well-rounded wellness approach.
  3. Self-Defense Seminars: Attend empowering seminars covering self-defense techniques.
  4. Mental Resilience Gains: Experience mental fortitude through our guided challenge.

Unique Features

Seminars: Participate in diverse seminars at Fort Fitness covering essential aspects of your well-being. From self-defense and nutrition to situational awareness and mental fortitude, these sessions at Fort Fitness add depth to your transformative journey. These comprehensive fitness regimens are designed for holistic growth.

Evolt Active Scanner: Our weekly Evolt Active scans at Fort Fitness provide real-time data on key body metrics like body fat, skeletal weight, and muscle weight. Monitor your progress and make informed decisions on your fitness regimen with proven fitness methods.

Transformative Experience

Mental and Personal Progress: The Fortitude and Fitness Challenge at Fort Fitness demand commitment to a 12-week program. With a minimum of three workouts per week, strict diet adherence, attendance at seminars, and completion of self-development forms, participants witness not only physical transformations but also mental and personal growth. Personalized wellness coaching ensures individualized training programs for each participant.

“The Fort Fitness challenge helped me get my life back on track. The workouts kicked my butt, but the mental side of the challenge really changed my life. Thank you, Sarge, for pushing me these past 8 weeks.”

Jacob Ruiz on the 8 week challenge.

how to join

Ready to elevate your well-being? Click below to sign up for the Fortitude and Fitness Challenge at Fort Fitness. For more information, call us at (949)-305-1711. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a 12-week transformative journey with Fort Fitness!

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