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When starting out on your fitness journey, it can be tempting to work out every single muscle in your body, every single day. But this isn't necessary (and in reality, it isn't possible, either!) In order to achieve the best results, it's important to focus on specific muscle groups and work them in isolation. This is where isolation exercises come in. These exercises specifically target one muscle or muscle group, allowing

Incorporating fitness into your daily life is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your mental health. You can also include your children and your entire family, so you’re simultaneously investing in those critical relationships as well. By involving your entire family in your workouts and fitness plan, you can instill the importance of health as a key value that you all share. Your role is to help

Maybe you’re making fitness a priority. You’re meeting all of your workout goals, and you’re in a good rhythm as far as regularly exercising. That’s all great, but you might not be seeing the results you want. Results don’t necessarily have to mean weight loss. There are many other ways that we measure success in the fitness world. How you feel, how strong you are, and your metabolic health, for example,

A fitness warrior knows how to run. Whether it’s jogging, pacing, or sprinting, he knows that running fitness is an integral part of his overall physical preparedness. But he also knows that the “mamby pamby,” super slow-paced ‘running’ that you see in most cardio rooms has no place in the training arsenal of a fitness warrior. He’d rather get out in the open air and push himself to the limit

Few people are as conditioned, fit, and powerful as boxers. For decades, these ring warriors toiled away in dark and dungy gyms while the rest of us went nowhere fast on our treadmills in air-conditioned comfort. In the last decade, however, mainstream fitness has finally caught up with the idea that if you want to get in shape, you need to train like people who are in shape. That means working

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Estimated opening is Spring 2022.

Fort Fitness is a training ground that empowers mental and physical growth.

Offering tactical strength and conditioning workouts that will demand teamwork, develop resiliency, and cultivate leadership, arming each member of our community with the tenacity to excel in all aspects of life.

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