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Working out to get stronger and more muscular is hard work. But it’s also precise work. Mindlessly throwing weights around won’t get you the results you’re after. In order to maximally stimulate your muscle fibers, you need to train smart. A key to smart training is to focus on the repetition phases to get the most benefit from them. That means knowing how to manipulate the concentric vs. eccentric parts

We firmly believe that exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself, not only physically but mentally. When you regularly exercise, you build resilience. The effects of exercise include confidence and learning that you can do hard things. Pushing yourself to your edge is so important for how you view yourself and the world and has numerous mental health benefits.  These are some of the many reasons

Do you find yourself stuffing your face when you aren’t even hungry? Maybe you’re just bored or eating idly when you aren’t actively engaging your brain. Unhealthy eating habits are something that a lot of people may struggle with. What’s worse is that many people who experience this also find it extremely difficult to stop, even though they know it’s terrible for them.  Having an addiction to eating in simple terms

One of the most frequent questions we get regarding training is how often you should change your workout routine. There’s no one specific answer that’s right for everyone, which is why working with a trainer can be so valuable to help you get results. Even though there’s no particular correct answer, we can give you a little guidance so you at least have an idea of how quickly your body might plateau

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Fort Fitness is a training ground that empowers mental and physical growth.

Offering tactical strength and conditioning workouts that will demand teamwork, develop resiliency, and cultivate leadership, arming each member of our community with the tenacity to excel in all aspects of life.

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